Work Framework on year 2011


Six decades ago, the Institute has been evolving its strategic guidelines of action in terms of the priorities identified on its regional responsibility space to respond global, regional and subregional mandates focused on those emitted from its Directing Bodies. This procedure has required of a permanent analysis of situation in countries and own institutional development by anticipating and adopting external environmental conditions and priorities related to the promotion of Food and Nutritional Security which is the main chore the institution.

The transformation process of INCAP starts on recognizing that the Food and Nutritional Security in Central America is a complex subject due to its multisectorial and multidimensional character, their implications in terms of its conditioning factors and its manifestations for the population and Governments and the range of institutions with responsibility on caring the problem. Consequently, the effective and sustainable solutions also require integral responses, multisectorial and multidimensional reflected on horizontals actions coordinated among several involved sectors. From an organizational point of view, the FNS promotion requires to have available the scientific evidence, as well as assimilating new competencies to secure the optimal management and knowledge transfer, advocacy on public and private sector environments and civil society, translation of effective actions in policies, plans and programs at subregional, national and subnational levels.

Their main work areas are following described: 1. Protein-fat malnutrition 2. Problems related to Micronutrients 3. Chronic Diseases related to Nutrition 4. Nutrition and its determinants

These work areas are executed based on Programs and Action Guidelines agreed by the Ministers of Health in Central American on: 1. Knowledge procedure (evidence creation, strengthening of human resources and dissemination of information) 2. National and Regional Agendas (Development of FNS Agendas) 3. Institutional Development (Strategic development and operational capacity)


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