Results Human Resources Development 2011


Current situation

The Technical Unit of Human Resources Development in FNS during 2011 continued developing its procedures and basic functions to respond necessities of human resources training in the countries. From 2011 and during 2011, the Technical Unit besides of concluding training procedures on post-graduate degree and technical level, initiated with the adoption, development and strengthening the e-learning procedure through the strengthening of human resources, the implementation of the Virtual Class laboratory and other virtual spaces; as well as the Educational Portal of INCAP which is the communication link between users and INCAP and it serves as the mean to communicate the offer information of available courses on health, feeding and nutrition subjects.

Learned lessons

1. The joint intersectorial work transcends to different levels, in the case of INCAP-PREVDA Project, it had its maximum expression on the extension phase on which the efforts for the incidence at local level were articulated and it was declared in the response of the community process and the achieved results for actions sustainability. 2. It is important to update the cooperation agreements with academic institutions of each one of the countries to secure the institutional work in forming human resources on each of the Member Countries. 3. On regional projects, it is necessary to articulate and update the agreements between SICA instances and its institutions. 4. It is necessary to have systemized guidelines for publishing INCAP's technical documents.

Main challenges for 2012

1. Conclude with procedures initiated in 2011 according to established agreements. 2. Develop an effective procedure for new processes and products of the Technical Unit for the financial sustainability. 3. Extend technical capacity of the e-learning area team in human and technologic resources. 4. Update data base of programs, courses and certifications. 5. With the institutional equipment migrate to virtual class to own servers.



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